Jobs at Titan Nedbrydning A/S

Titan Nedbrydning A/S is looking to hire manpower for building demolition- and decontamination works

Experience: Applicants need experience from the construction industry or licensed to operate heavy machinery such as excavator and Manitou

Driverslicens: Category B-license is preferred

Language: Danish or English

Personal/social qualities: We expect you to be polite, forthcoming, open and trustworthy. It is important that you understand what it means to be a contributing and valued member of our team, as well as being flexible in regards to working overtime in busy periods.

Occupational health and safety (OHAS) policy: 

Titan Nedbrydning A/S is a multicultural company that strives to be an attractive place to work, with secure and healthy frames for the individual employee and where OHAS is the number one priority.

All employees in Titan Nedbrydning A/S are obliged to contribute maintaining a good work environment by being responsible for both themselves and their co-workers, through positive commitment.

Titan Nedbrydning A/S strives:

  • To abide by Danish OHAS-legislation
  • To continuously secure individual training and education of our employees
  • To revise the companies APV every three years
  • To uphold safe working conditions through continuous worksite control and internal audit
  • To create a work culture where OHAS is a top priority
  • To continuously improve our work environment
  • To set and achieve new standards every year

Employee policy:
Our employees are of both Danish and foreign decent and are all hired directly by Titan Nedbrydning A/S under the salary and workplace agreement between Dansk Byggeri og 3F. Titan Nedbrydning A/S has a continuous dialog with both parties of the agreement to make sure that our employee’s terms and conditions always are in order.
The job involves: Physical labour. Works consists of demolition of partition walls, floors and ceilings, windows, doors, sanitation, ventilation amongst others. The work is done manually with power tools or heavy machinery if possible.
Its fulltime job, 37 hours a week, with expected overtime in busy periods, with saleries accordingly.